Community Fundraising and Events

Community Fundraising and Events

Here at Stevens & Associates, our goals revolve around serving our clients. This is because we want to make a difference. As we grow, we want to give back to our community and important causes to increase our impact locally and to change the face of this world for the better.

Below are a list of events we are participating in where we are serving our local community or fundraising for non-profits, all of which our staff are offering their time to support these various valued causes. We believe that making a difference cannot only happen in the confinement of our office and homes, but out in the community, and we are committed to making a positive change. Take a look below at how we are making an impact.

If you like a cause we are fundraising for, then we encourage you to click on the event to find out more and donate any and all donation links are directly connected to the selected non-profit.

Upcoming Events

kite festival stand .jpg

April 16, 2023 11am - April 16, 2023 4pm

We will be hosting a booth during the Kite festival on West Campus at Santa Barbara City College. During the festival, our staff will be serving cotton candy and popcorn for donations. 100% of the proceeds will go straight to the Santa Barbara Cancer Foundation.


April 21, 2023

We have decided to sponsor this charitable event as they raise funds to help children identify and improve vision impairments


August 26, 2023

Welcome to the fundraising page for Stevens & Associates' Triathlon Challenge in support of Feeding America and St. Jude Children's Hospital!

We are thrilled to announce that one of our dedicated agents, Jarrett “Jordan” Futch, and our very own CEO, Jason Stevens, will be participating in a challenging triathlon to raise funds for these two incredible organizations. This event is not just about testing physical...