Educate and serve your members at no cost

Invaluable Benefit for your Association and Members

Educate your members, provide information and knowledgeable resources to make sure they are aware of all options, timelines, enrollment periods and penalties regarding Medicare/Individual Health Insurance.

In addition, your members can then use our VIP Concierge Customer Service team if they have any issues. They would never call the number on the back of their cards again. We deal with the insurance companies, the doctors, and even the pharmacies to serve your members all at no cost.

Our customer service is based on our unique 4 Pillar System to find resolutions through:

  1. The Insurance Benefit
  2. Alternatives
  3. Re-negotiations
  4. Discounts, Subsidies & Grants

Could it get even better?

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No Cost

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No Obligation

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No Administration

We do the work, your members reap the benefit.

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Benefit for Association

  • Tools & Resources for Your Association
  • Improve benefits and services offered by the Association at no cost
  • Easy to implement. No administrative issues
  • Improves Association image and member relations
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Benefit for Members

  • A customized Medicare/Individual Health Insurance Folder filled with required forms, information, even a Health Insurance Roadmap
  • Online program to quote from more than 50 Health Insurance/Medicare Plans
  • A VIP customer service center that can answer questions and fix any issues
  • Free quotes for Covered CA, Dental, Vision and Medicare. Simple. Easy. No Obligation.