About Us

About Us

Stevens and Associates was established in 1984 by our president Gerald “Ray” Stevens. Ray has been a top level producer since his very first year in the insurance business, and has served on several National Health Insurance Advisory Boards. His standing within the industry grows from a foundation of showing every client the attention and effort they deserve, providing excellent insurance products and a true VIP customer service. Ray still loves the insurance business because of the ability to do great things for other people.

We understand the human side of health insurance because Stevens and Associates Insurance Agency, Inc is still a family owned and operated corporation. Our agency is founded on Mid-western values like honesty, integrity, and hard work. Our business plan is simple; to be the best at what we do. This is why we look at three fundamentals in providing insurance to any client:

  1. Affordable Coverage
  2. Personalized Concierge Service
  3. Nationally-recognized Advisors

These principals have allowed us to work with corporations, small business, and individual clients.

Although we have been among the top sales producers from day one, selling is not the glue that binds our agency together, it is the dedicated customer service we show each of our clients. Whether it is family insurance or a retiree, we go above and beyond to provide the coverage and services they need. Every customer service representative and sales agent from Stevens & Associates follows these simple but mandatory guidelines. At the end of the day, we want each and every client to be glad they chose to work with us.