Medi-Cal Legislation

Recent Changes in Medi-Cal Eligibility: Breaking Down the New Legislation

In the evolving landscape of healthcare policies, particularly in California, there have been significant recent changes in Medi-Cal eligibility, in regards to immigration status. These changes aim to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in healthcare, ensuring that a wider demographic can benefit from the benefits of full-scope Medi-Cal coverage.

According to Covered California, under the Affordable Care Act, most immigrants qualify for health coverage, including green card holders, temporary residents, refugees, those with temporary protected status, and working or student visas. These new laws present an opportunity for both lawfully and unlawfully present individuals who apply through Covered California for eligibility for a health plan.

One noteworthy development is the implementation of the Older Adult Expansion, a law that took effect in May 2022. This law is a stride towards healthcare equality, as it now grants full-scope Medi-Cal for adults aged 50 or older, regardless of their immigration status. While this expansion broadens the coverage, it's important to note that all other traditional Medi-Cal eligibility rules still apply.

The young adult population has also seen positive changes in their healthcare coverage. The Young Adult Expansion program, applicable to individuals under the age of 25, operates under the same rules and regulations as the Older Adult Expansion.

For those seeking more detailed information on these changes and how they may impact eligibility, it's advisable to check out for updates. Understanding these legislative shifts is crucial for individuals navigating the changes of healthcare coverage.

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